When: Sunday, 16 August 2020, from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Where: PGP Mandapam, Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple grounds


7:00am Sankalpa and Ganapathi Homam

Sankalpa is the determination to direct and control one’s energies in such a way as to secure achievement of the goal in view. In GanapatiHomam, oblations to the sacrificial fire are done with prayers to Lord Ganesha to remove all obstacles during the entire Gita Jayanti celebrations

8:30 am Sri Krishna Pooja with Ashtotharam

Invocation to Lord Krishna by chanting the 108 holy names of the Lord and offering flowers at His Lotus Feet

9:00 am Full Gita chanting with ahuti for each sloka on 18 homakundas with mass devotee participation

Gita Homam is the oblation to the sacrificial fire with the chanting of verses (slokas) from the Gita. The aspirant worships fire as God. Fire worship is as old as man himself. Fire occupies such a cardinal place in all forms of ritualistic worship. The Rig Veda commences with a hymn praising fire (agni). It is believed that the deity of fire acts as the link between the aspirant and the deity (Atma and paramatma). It is believed that the offerings made to the fire are transported to the invoked deity. Homa and fire always rise upwards, symbolizing liberation and spiritual evolution.

12:30 pm Poornahuti

As a sign of the culmination of the entire havan, in a silk cloth, fruits, coconut and other herbs are tied and offered to the fire with sacred Vedic chants.

1:00 pm Maha Prasadam

After the completion of the sacrifice, the food which is offered to the Lord is distributed to the devotees of the Lord.

Chief priest: Sri Sunil Kumar