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Gita-related competitions are held every year as a means to enable people of all ages to study and reflect on the message of the Gita. Typically, Gita Chanting, Oratorical and Essay competitions are held every year.

Registration for the competitions is now closed

Gita Chanting 2018

Category 1-Born 2013-2014          Chapter 12 - Slokas 1 to 5

Category 2-Born 2011-2012          Chapter 12 - Slokas 1 to 10

Category 3-Born 2008-2010          Chapter 12 - Slokas 1 to 15

Category 4-Born 2004-2007          Chapter 12 - Slokas 1 to 20

Category 5-Born 1996-2003          Chapter 12 - Slokas 1 to 20

Category 6-Born 1995 & earlier    Chapter 12 - Slokas 1 to 20

Download Audio file of Chapter 12 Slokas 1 to 20

Notes for Gita Chanting Competition

Please remember to bring an ID that indicates your date of birth when you come for the competitions

During the preliminary rounds of the chanting competition, when a participant is called upon to chant before our distinguished judges, only the parents, grandparents or teachers of the student will be allowed to be present. This arrangement allows our judges to offer specific and highly useful feedback to the participant for his/her improvement without worry about how other participants might view his/her chanting.

On the day of the competitions, besides those who participate in the competition, we also invite anyone interested in Gita Chanting to join us for some "non-competitive" chanting. This means, that you are welcome to chant slokas from the particular portion, while reading from the Gita book. Our judges will be happy to assist you and provide you with feedback.

Gita Chanting Classes and Online Learning Aids

If you wish to learn Gita Chanting, here are some contacts. Please note that this list is not exhaustive or exclusive, we are simply presenting details of classes that we have been informed of. Should you wish to have a class listed, please email gjcomp@gmail.com. The links to online learning aids are external links provided by us in good faith. We are not responsbile for errors or omissions in these renditions.

1. Chinmaya Seva Center 67 Tessensohn Road, Singapore 217667 Contact chinmaya.sg@gmail.com for details
2. Smt. Padmini Chandrashekar Gita Chanting Classes FREE and available in person, phone and Skype. Handphone: 96279416 Email: padminic23@gmail.com
3. Gita Chanting Chapter 12 Learning Aid by Smt. Padmini Chandrashekar https://youtu.be/UD-6qqbE-4o
4. http://prapatti.com/slokas/slokasbyname.html is a website that has the text of Bhagavad Gita in various Indian languages and in English. Search for "Bhagavad Giita" in the page
5. http://www.geetachanting.net/ is a website that has learning aids for Bhagavad Gita.
6. http://www.egmoresamskrtschool.com/Video is a website with videos of all Bhagavad Gita chapters.

Registration for the competitions is now closed